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Your Suffering...

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"If you convince yourself the world is out to get you, you will never receive all it has to give you."


From a young age, being surrounded by the generational curses of addiction and mental illness, Conner found his worth on the football field. Through the sport of football, he would learn some of the most valuable and hard-learned lessons in life by way of 7 season-ending injuries, mental illness, and the blessings in life received by not succumbing to the physical and mental trials that stemmed from them. Through football, Conner was able to travel the world, get involved in anti-human trafficking efforts, and put on free athletic camps for over 500+ young athletes back in his home state of Washington. 


In early in 2022, Conner began sharing his story with universities, high schools, athletic programs, and podcasts around the country and saw the impact his story had on those who listened. Since then he has shared his story with thousands of people ranging from students, teachers, all the way to collegiate/professional athletes and coaches in hopes that his story and the lessons he shares help those who hear it wield their suffering to better their lives and subsequently the lives of those around them.




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“Conner is one of my favorite humans. His story, the struggles, and how he consistently responded needs to be told and listened to over and over. The skill of going through and doing hard things is one of the most useful abilities you can have, and Conner’s message and the way he delivered it to our team gave us the energy to embrace challenges and the belief that no matter what life throws at us, we can and will have the ability to get back up.  I highly recommend anyone that is looking to give their team or organization a boost, to bring Conner in. You’ll walk out standing a little taller."

- Todd Stepsis | Drake University Head Football Coach 

"I met Conner right before his first fall football camp at Drake, in the aisles of a local Target store, and I was immediately drawn to him and we connected. As the chaplain for our team, I had the opportunity to really get to know Conner and watch his story play out during his time at Drake. He has an amazing and impactful story, and he is a great communicator and gifted speaker and writer. As an area rep for Fellowship of Christian Athletes, I have had Conner share his story and testimony with many of our area high school huddles. Conner is very engaging, relatable, and passionate about sharing his story and really making an impact in young people's lives. God has tremendous plans for Conner, using him to influence and be a real man of impact, in schools, on teams, and in the community. If you want someone to come in and speak and make an impact and give life, I can’t recommend Conner enough!"

Dave Applegate, Drake University Team Chaplain

"Conner came and spoke to our football team and he was probably one of the best speakers we’ve had in a while. His story is powerful and very inspiring. His message about being the best version of yourself for people who need and will need you really hit all of us. I highly recommend him to any companies or sports programs."

Masaki Matsumoto, Lincoln HS Head Football Coach 

“Conner delivered a testimony to our student-athletes about resiliency, determination, grit, and how our outlook shapes our reality. Conner shared real-life stories that reinforced the lessons he was conveying to us. We are thankful he visited our school to share his story; we are better for it!”

Garrett Baldwin, Black Hills High School Head Football Coach

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